Business Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales in 2020

A growing business needs a strategic approach one of them is a business marketing strategy. In this age of technology and instant gratification, business marketing is a hard job if not apprehended properly.

Whether your business is small or big, you need a unique and successful marketing strategy to excel in the market. Marketing for small business could be specifically challenging. As running an effective marketing strategy with a constrained budget.

Let’s not forget it’s not just virtual market we have to compete, the local market needs different promotional strategies for business marketing. As much as you need to focus on digital marketing, you need a business marketing strategy for the local market as well.

In this article, we will provide you with various ideas of business marketing strategies in 2019. Which will not only boost your business but also create your mark on the brand map.

Complementing Social media marketing strategy along with successful business marketing strategy examples. Here are some effective Ideas for your 2019 business marketing strategy:

1: Invest in a digital marketing strategy

The first step to take in this digital age for business marketing and strategy is to create a website and run a blog. An online presence that ensures your brand existence and individuality.


Invest in a professional-looking website and create a brand identity. That will help your customers recognize your brand as a reliable and reputable business. A website is like your virtual shop where you can show who you are, what you offer, and how to get in touch with you.

As well as you can analyze your targeted customers and get an insight into your loyal customers.


A blog is must along with a website. It’s the voice of your business and helps your customers to get to know you as well as your brand. You can either invest in one or get a free blog with free templates and provide quality content.

Just like your website your blog helps you keep a track of your targeted customers and readers. Optimize your blogs according to SEO optimization to drive quality traffic to your website and blog.

Provide your offers and boost your business marketing strategy by sharing your blog content through social sharing buttons.

2: Create a network of social media channels

Creating a brand identity on the internet is the same as having a brand name in the local market. Social media accounts could become your strength if used efficiently. As well as they are highly cost effective.

Create your business account on almost every social media platform that is well-known among your targeted customers. The common social media platform such as:


Facebook is a well-known source to make your brand known and help you apply your new strategies. Such as ads, sale promotions, and other similar offers. You can publish and flourish your website blogs, gain potential customers and boost your website traffic.


A handle showcasing your logo and 140 character tweets can win hearts. You can not only advertise your brand but create a twitter community based on your customers and Twitter brand following.


A platform where you can not only work on digital marketing strategies but also B2B marketing strategies. Create different business links, make your brand known and post different articles and business offers on LinkedIn.


Pinterest was basically made for online business but is now a potential website to showcase your promotional strategies for business and create aesthetic boards to attract the target audience.


A social media platform that helps you upload different videos and ads related to your brand. YouTube can also be an effective advertising source and is famous as a successful marketing strategies examples.

Run these accounts proficiently, post your products or general information timely and stay consistent. These platforms would not only boost your business marketing strategy but also help you gain potential and loyal customers.

3: Email marketing and newsletters

According to research emails and newsletters from brands works the same as mail advertising and offers sent to houses via post. Around 73% of people prefer emails from a brand or website they trust or like.

The plus point with email marketing or newsletter is that you know your real potential buyers. And can propose different sale offers, holiday offers, and other promotional events and expect a response.

Email delivers the highest ROI for entrepreneurs and marketers. Just like social platforms, email marketing is also an inexpensive and effective platform. There are free email marketing tools available if you search you can find them easily.

Email marketing is a great way to personally communicate with your consumers. You can run different email campaigns to improve your communication and brand recall. Choose your email campaign strategy and enhance your business marketing strategy this year.

4: Optimize my Google my business page

Marketing for small business or a large one, optimize your Google presence and achieve digital marketing success. Google My Business is a free tool by Google for business owners to create a map location and business details of their business on Google page.

It works as a portfolio for your business to gain local consumers, connected to your official website. Verify your business presence on My Google Business and create your database and map location on Google map for your internet users.

It’s free of cost business marketing strategy which helps your business appear in the google searches. It guides your customers to locate your business, feel its reality, build trust as well as leave reviews.

Along with the basic information of your business, you can also add pictures of your business. Interact with your customers, listen to their queries, add updates, information, and details about your brand.

5: Creative promotions for business marketing strategy

Along with digital marketing strategies, you need to prove the reality of your company to your local customers. There are several business marketing strategies for local promotions.

It is important to invest a little bit while being creative that attracts potential buyers. There are several low budget promotional activities that you can do to boost your brand marketing. Such as:

  1.  Conduct a survey through email
  2.  Pamper your current customers with different gifts
  3.  Arrange giveaways on Facebook and Instagram
  4.  Invest in a newspaper or magazine ads
  5.  Sponsor any small local event or charity event
  6.  Organize lucky draw events at a crowded local market
  7.  Create posters and flyers and distribute them in nearby shops
  8.  Paint your logo on automobile vehicles for brand recall
  9.  Visit universities and colleges and create brand awareness
  10.  Create a marketing campaign and organize a contest related to the campaign
  11.  Create advertise with the help of social media celebrities and influencers
  12.  Take advantage of holidays, provide trendy sale offers and promotional event


Well, there you have a successful business marketing strategy for 2019. Building an online presence takes patience and time but helps in the long run. Making an impact with your marketing strategy needs creativity, focus, and uniqueness.

Every marketing strategy has its own impact, slow or immediate depend on your promotion campaign and consistency. Create quality content and organic traffic will skyrocket.

We would love to hear your thoughts and strategies you have applied.  Share with us in the comments below!

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