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Manual Penalties

Manual penalties are the easiest to revoke. Usually, they take less time as compared to algorithmic penalties since Google tells us exactly where the problem lies. Solving that issue simply gets the penalty removed.

Manual penalties can range from bad link profile to DMCA request, but in any case, there is nothing to worry about. You can leave everything to us and our experienced staff will handle the issue for you. 

Sometimes, manual penalty removal results in even higher rankings of those keywords you have been trying to rank for decades.

algorithm penalty

Algorithmic Penalties

An algorithmic penalty is the most unfortunate type of penalty. With algorithmic penalties, Google does not show you why your site has been punished and you figure the reasons out on your own. The recovery process can take weeks to months, but again, you have nothing to worry about since we know how to handle this well.

We analyze several factors to get to the real issue, make a diagnosis, and then execute an action plan. In no time, you’re back on track and your site starts getting ranked again.

The analysis part can get a bit tricky at times, but our past experiences of removing algorithm penalties help us get through every time.

How We Lift Google Penalties

First, we identify if you were really hit by an update or not.

After identifications, we find the exact cause of the penalty.

After analysis, we make a plan and execute it to recover your site.

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