How to Generate Quality Leads from Your PPC Campaigns?

Online marketing has become essential for every business and organization today. It is the best way to reach out to your potential clients and customers and educate them about the products and services that you have to offer. Apart from SEO, PPC marketing is the best way to advertise your business to the people who might be looking for it.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is a type of internet marketing. It stands of Pay per Click. You will have to pay a certain amount of money for every click that you get on your ad. This marketing strategy allows you to advertise your business, products, or services to your potential customers. It is also a paid version for getting traffic to your website. So if you are not getting organic traffic to your website, you can get it artificially by running successful PPC campaigns.

There are different platforms on which you can run your PPC campaigns. You can run them on Search Engines, Online Marketplaces and websites as well. Each platform will charge you a different rate for running your ad, but if the campaign is successful, then you will be earning much more than you pay for the click.

Tips for generating high quality leads from PPC Campaigns

Businesses have poured hundreds of dollars in PPC, and they continue to do so, hoping that they will get them some high-quality leads that go all the way down to the end of the funnel. PPC is a great way to generate leads, but you need to be smart as well because you pay for all the clicks that you get, and in most cases, those clicks will be useless for your business.

Thus, you must target the right people with PPC campaigns. There are some of the tips that will help you generate high quality leads from your PPC campaigns. Read through them and incorporate them into your campaign to make it successful.

1. Set up proper URL tracking

Most people stick with the conversation rate when it comes to checking the effectiveness of a PPC campaign, which is something that you should avoid doing. Instead of holding to conversation rate, track other factors as well, such as the keywords that attracted the most traffic or the site that drove the most traffic to your website.

To measure other factors of your PPC campaign, use UTM Parameters and Value Track Parameter tags in your URLs. There are six different parameters that you can track using different tags in your URLs, such as utm_source will allow you to track the platform where you are running your ads. You can set up proper URL tracking in your Google Ads campaign settings.

2. Determine the source of leads

Appropriate URLs with UTM Parameters will allow you to determine where you are getting your leads from or how you are getting those leads. To figure out the real ROI, you will have to connect all your parameters to your landing pages so that it can store the lead generation data that you tend to store using the parameters.

To record your data, you will need to create custom fields in your contact database for each parameter. Now sync your data to your CRM to make sure that you can check the opportunity data that you tend to collect from the PPC campaign.

You should focus on collecting the essential data first, such as the keyword, campaign, device used, number of leads per source, opportunity amount, etc. You can also keep track of the personal details of the lead, such as the name, business, lead status, and scoring data.

You can use all this information to figure out which source is beneficial and which campaign is successful so that you can remove the sources and campaigns that aren’t helping your business in any way.

3. Break down your campaigns into different segments

Most companies tend to run various PPC campaigns based on the number of products or services that they offer, which is something that you need to avoid if you want to generate quality leads. Instead of just focusing on one parameter, segment your campaign based on the features of the product or service, geographic location of your business, targeted industry, etc.

You need to break down your PPC campaign precisely to the point where it hits the potential customers in the right direction. For example, instead of advertising that you run a web design company, break down your campaign into different subcomponents of web design such as e-commerce web design or responsive web-design or SEO services, etc.

This will help you target the right audience with the right PPC campaign. Instead of hitting into the wind with your PPC, you can precisely target the needs of the viewers, which will help you generate high-quality leads.

4. Target relevant keywords

Targeted keywords and phrases are the heart of SEO and PPC campaigns. They are the best way to get natural traffic to your website. But the thing about keywords is that they can be highly tricky. There are thousands of them out there, but you need to choose the one that clearly represents your business and also is something that the user tends to use.

There are several powerful keywords research tools that you can use to find the best keywords for your PPC campaigns. A powerful and successful campaign is the one that has high volume keywords, creative ads, and appealing landing pages.

So keywords play a significant role in the overall success of your PPC Campaign. Segmenting your campaign will help you use to the point keywords in your campaigns. You can add the name of the product or the service that you are offering along with the name of the place that you operate in, for example “LA Web Design Company” or “Web Design Company in Melbourne.”

It can be hard to figure out which keywords would be best for your campaign. You can’t get them all right in the first go. So once you run your campaign, keep an eye on your Search Term Reports to check which keywords are generating high-quality leads and which ones are generating weak quality leads. Exclude the poor quality leads keywords and replace them with better, more dedicated keywords.

5. Develop tailored landing pages for your ad groups

The ads in your PPC campaigns are going to land your clickers on to the landing pages that you have linked to the advertisements. Since the conversation rate is mostly based on the landing page, thus, it is very much crucial that you customize it according to the needs of the customers.  It will help you get the most of their attention.

You need to optimize your landing pages according to the ad groups that you are running. Instead of using the same landing page for all, customize your landing pages with dynamic titles, headlines, and subheadings. Instead of bombarding the visitor with tons of information, use graphics to keep it appealing yet informative at the same time. Also, inspire your visitors with coupons or gift cards to build their interest in your business.



There are different ways that you can run a successful PPC campaign. Each PPC campaign should be tailored and customized according to your business needs and requirements. Your research matters when it comes to PPC. Make sure that you get it right and use it to run a successful campaign that will help you generate high quality leads for your business.

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