Importance of Video Marketing In Social Media (Statistic & Tips)

In recent years, businesses have gradually begun to fully realize the benefits of video marketing. They have undoubtedly noticed how video content is more effective in terms of generating traffic and creating engagement than mere text and graphics. Increasingly, it seems like social media videos have become a key component of strategic and successful marketing campaigns for all kinds of brands which try to operate on social media and maintain an online presence.

If you are still skeptical about how to efficiently use social media for PR and sales purposes. Here is a guide on the importance of video marketing.


What Do the Statistics Say?

Social media video statistics should be enough to clear confusion if any business is still asking the question like, why use video on social media or why invests in video marketing?

Most businesses should be making full use of this marketing tool by now. It has been observed that almost 82% of the users on Twitter enjoy watching video content online while around 45% of users view more than an hour of video content on Facebook and Youtube weekly. From these numbers, it is gathered that one-third of the social media activity online is actually just devoted to watching videos.

It would be a colossal misstep to invest in social media without investing in video content.

Why is Video Marketing so Successful?

Since social media is overflowing with new content, videos help brands stand out – if the content is engaging, of course. Audiences are much more likely to click on a video than read a post which informs consumers about details of their products. A video requires less effort and less time. Reportedly, social media videos generate an exponentially higher number of shares than regular images or text-based posts. There is a reason why social media platforms like Facebook have been quick to adopt SnapChat’s ‘story’ feature – it is clear that the future of video content is very bright indeed.

It is clear that video is a far-reaching medium of marketing, which makes it a perfect tool for social media engagement. Why?

The answer is quite simple. Videos are interactive and flexible – easy to watch and share if liked. They have the ability to give a huge return on investment (ROI) which is why marketers are increasingly making good use of them.


What Do other Marketers Say?

According to Hubspot, around 97% of social media managers claim that videos help consumers understand the details of products. With so much choice available in the market nowadays and increased competition, sellers need to find a way to attract consumers and using video content is the perfect way to do this. Moreover, according to the same research, 81% of brands are actively making use of video content for marketing purposes. By using innovative storytelling techniques and putting out informative videos about the brand, establishing a base of interested consumers has become fairly easy.

It is also predicted that most of the traffic generated online will be video content in the next few years since it is good for search engine optimization. Good keywords and a catchy title can do SEO miracles for your content’s engagement ability.

It is also noted that Instagram stories and live videos are great tools for creating engagement via video content. Giving people a snapshot of upcoming products or a behind the scenes glimpse of the manufacturing process can be a very interactive experience for them. The 24 hour time period means these videos will disappear in a day, which makes room for time-sensitive marketing and promotion.

Lastly, marketers have been quick to note that ever since they have started using video content, their conversion rates have been off the charts! According to Social Media Today, around 90% of users of social media claim that video content helped them reach a purchasing decision. This is an amazing insight for businesses. Having videos of your products, or informative ones about the process of buying, can boost your conversion rates up to 80%.


To sum it all up, if you were toying with the question ‘Why is video marketing so effective?’, that query has hopefully been answered by this overview. Because of it’s versatile, easy on the eyes and engaging nature, video content has become a very successful aspect of marketing.

Creating video content on social media is something most big businesses are already doing effectively. A good blend of emulation and innovation to produce quality content is guaranteed to offer fruitful results for the marketing and sales departments of companies.



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